Supply Chain Management intends to facilitate operational excellence in an organization, by maximizing the sales and revenues, profits, market share, and customer responsiveness of a business. Supply Chain Management enables the integration of business processes and sub-processes. This in turn enables the company and its customers, suppliers, distributors, retailers, and other supply chain members, to actively exchange real time information and be a successful enterprise.

PGS's Offering

PGS provides supply chain solutions to its clients that is suited for today's requirement of collaborative and interactive supply chains in an era of e-Commerce. Collaborative business relationships can be built and supply chain elements and mechanics optimized, thereby aiding activities such as products, services, and projects in an organization.
PGS information technology professionals develop collaborative workflows that extend the supply chain, and integrate it with external databases (such as supplier and customer bases) and other corporate systems.

E-Business oriented Supply Chain solutions, such as front-end and back-end development and integration

Systems planning and implementation of supply and demand plans and their fluctuations

Systems coordination of internal and external organizations, to maximize utilization and productivity of supply chain systems

Industry specific supply chain solutions

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