Consolidating business information into a central repository to support critical business decisions.


A data warehouse is actually an elaborate database. Instead of being used for day-to-day operations, a data warehouse consolidates data from multiple sources and provides optimized queries for analytical tasks. Decision makers use the data to monitor and compare current and past operations, rationally forecast future operations, and devise new business processes. This is a critical task, as the globalization of the economy has put increasing pressure on decision makers to better understand their businesses and their

PGS's Offering

PGS follows a phased approach to data warehousing. By implementing a single subject area at a time, portions of the data warehouse are quickly developed so that end users can see immediate benefits. After each iteration, PGS collects feedback from the end users as part of the ongoing quality assurance monitoring process. Our data warehousing services include the following:
Data Warehouse Design, Development, and Maintenance

Data Migration 3 Data Marts and Data Mining


Data Warehouse Applications Integration

Turnkey Implementations, Supplemental and Project Based Staffing

PGS's expertise with leading data warehousing products includes Informix (Ardent and Red Bricks), Microstrategy, Oracle Express, and more.

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